TCTI’s refrigeration division offers a total turnkey service right from consulting, designing and planning to carrying out all electromechanical works. It has comprehensive in-house resources which ensure the clients deal with a single source for all their requirements and hence have a faster return on their investments.
Advanced technology and vigorous quality control procedures at the design and installation stage are deployed to provide state-of-the-art refrigeration solutions. TCTI advises, assists and refines the clients ideas, offering creative solutions. As a result, it has won a reputation for reliability, quality and unmatched services.
  • Commercial Refrigeration System
  • Pod Evaporator
  • Multi Compressor Power Pack Freon System
  • Individual Scroll/Semi Hermetic Cooling System
  • Industrial Ammonia System
  • Electrical Control Panel
TCTI has, over the last 40 + years, developed a strong foothold in the commercial refrigeration segments with its extreme engineering and spectacular cold storage construction methodologies using in-house highly experienced technical teams.
This is an exclusive design termed as TCTI POD for the next generation. Due to its extreme engineered design, it can be placed on the cold room ceiling panels thus providing 100 percent storage for the client. The salient feature of TCTI POD units is that they are easy to service and replace without causing any disruptions to the cold room panels.
TCTI specialises in the engineering of cold chain solutions for a wide range of applications with multi-compressor racks operating with air and water cooled condensors running with semi-hermetic or screw compressors.
TCTI provides a complete cool chain process of cold storage with individual semi-hermetic refrigeration systems which are a proven solution for a more economical approach. A wide range of refrigerants can be chosen to meet client requirements and to reduce energy consumptions by using smaller sized components in larger quantities rather than heavy duty industrial components.
With multi-dimensional cool chain processes such engineering, manufacturing and contracting, TCTI has the expertise and experience in industrial refrigeration projects. Our industrial refrigeration systems exceed the demands of our clients for critical applications. This is achieved with environmentally friendly refrigerant ammonia and gas compression technology which keeps perishables in safe temperatures, controlled through pipelines and industrial process equipment working smoothly. Centralising a refrigeration system provides a more efficient cooling system which also consumes less energy. TCTI always ensures that all systems comply with codes and local regulations.
TCTI manufactures its own electrical control panels with full PLC compatibility along VFD panels for energy saving. Every TCTI control panel comes with Volts Free contacts as well as the additional feature of Electrical Control Panel which has an adjustable Hi-Low temperature alarm to ensure the stored product temperature can be monitored and operational irregularities happen, such as which increases the temperature, can be alarmed.