Insulated Piping System

Insulated pipes (also known as pre-insulated pipes) are used for district cooling and chilled water supply in Middle East. They consist of a service pipe, an insulating layer and outer casing. The main purpose of pre-insulated pipes is to maintain the temperature of the fluid in the pipes. TCTI’s pre-insulated pipes for chilled water, and other services, provide good mechanical properties and excellent long term performance. Rigid Polyurethane (PU) foam is injected in the annulus area between the inner service pipe and the outer casing. The inner service pipe can be steel, HDPE, ABS, PPR, copper, PVC or GRP/ GRC/ FRP. The outer protective jacket can be HDPE, UPVC, GRP, galvanized steel of aluminum. The insulation foam density varies from 35 Kg/M³ to 80 Kg/M³. The combination of inner service pipe, outer casing, insulation density and thickness to be as per project specification. Our vast area and manufacturing facilities enable production of pre-insulated pipes of any sizes. Leak Detection System (LDS) can be integrated with pre-insulated pipes and are compatible with leading BMS systems. We have successfully installed over 100 Leak Detection Systems.