Cold Rooms

Ever since the company was founded in 1978, TCTI has become a power house of technical know-how, offering solutions in the production, engineering, execution and after sales service of complete cold chain products such as cold rooms, refrigerated and dry transport vehicles, airport dollies, telecommunication shelters, insulated underground pipes and more.
After cementing its execution work base in the UAE, TCTI grew its presence in to neighbouring GCC countries. The company has provided cold chain solutions in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain as well as in Africa and Afghanistan, working with TCTI’s DCD & DCL approved insulated PIR panel products and with globally acclaimed refrigeration industry equipment manufacturers.

TCTI offers turnkey quality work and caters to even the most demanding of budget requirements and project timelines. The company is a reputed and preferred manufacturer and contractor, working regularly with leading government and private establishments. We proudly maintain a strong management team, professional staff and a highly trained workforce. Our engineers and technicians are well experienced in the installation and maintenance of cold storages and refrigerated vehicles with appropriate refrigeration systems. Every project presents unique challenges and TCTI is committed to delivering the highest quality work within budget and catering to the complexity of each project.

  • Engineering
  • Hotel Cold Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical Storage
  • Perishable Warehousing
  • Blast Freezer & Blast Chillers
TCTI’s engineering division is continuously researching variants in cold storage and vehicle refrigeration technology to provide clients with engineering solutions that optimise operating cost efficiency for a gratifying customer experience. Additionally, the team has been committed to securing reliable, safe and environmentally friendly cold room and refrigerated vehicle transport. All engineering is done in line with international as well as local regulations and codes. Special attention is paid to the provision of innovative solutions by utilising internationally proven technologies. The company has a clear understanding of the needs and requirements of cold chain facility developers, fruits, meat, fish and flower distribution centres, thereby enabling it to engineer state-of the-art cold chain project solutions.
Hotel and restaurant cold rooms face unique challenges due to constant re-opening and heavy usage. An expert within the industry, TCTI offers custom, heavy-duty cold storage solutions that cater specifically to the hospitality industry, enabling them to reliably maintain low temperature even during the busiest of times.From special circuits and durable handles to long-lasting hinges, kick plates, view windows and self-closing mechanisms, TCTI’s highly efficient range of cold rooms accommodates a complete range of sizes, allowing for the preservation of optimal food quality on every occasion.
TCTI is the preferred company for the construction of cold chain facilities for the storage of highly sensitive COVID-19 vaccine, offering fully automated operations including remote monitoring which enables round-the-clock maintenance of temperature and humidity – a paramount factor for pharmaceutical applications. TCTI had successfully completed numerous projects for the UAE government, in accordance with WHO’s stringent requirements. Additionally, TCTI has constructed multiple GDP compliant cold storage facilities for Emirates Group for pharmaceutical storage.
TCTI takes pride in having years of experience in constructing high-end cold storage facilities tailor-made for large logistical operations of perishables with complete remote monitoring and next generation technologies across all the industrial area premises of UAE. TCTI had proven track history of being highly reliable in delivering efficient cold storage facilities for all kinds of storage with a temperature range that spans from +20C to -40C. TCTI has a powerful reputation across the UAE as the leader in offering reliable cold chain processes and systems which ensure client expectations are met.
TCTI is the market leader in the cold chain panel and refrigeration industry, and caters to all major food processing plants by meeting the highest hygienic demands of food storage regulations for products such as meat and poultry, dairy products, bakery, snacks, ice cream and more. TCTI’s cold room systems are used in most processing plants which serve food products to stores, restaurants and hotels. The company works closely with clients to ensure the most suitable cold room operating system is engineered, manufactured and delivered.
Refrigeration systems are essential to the leisure industry, especially in hot climate regions like the UAE. Temperature controlled showrooms and boutiques for high-end applications are common projects built with TCTI’s DCD and DCL approved insulated PIR panels and refrigeration systems to deal with these hot regions. This ensures customised, steady and constant maintenance of products like ice structures and meat remains intact continuously enabling visitor get the feeling of being in Ice Land. These special projects in the UAE cater to companies and individuals wanting a walk-in winter experience in the heart of the UAE. Chill Out & Dry Ager Boutique are one of the many successful projects built by TCTI to serve this purpose.
TCTI has mastered providing total solutions in the construction of GDP compliant cold storages which precisely maintain the temperature and controlled humidity built within huge steel structure, which challenges the numerous steel columns passing through the cold storage and engineered effectively to manage the heat transfer through the steel into the cold storage.
Blast freezers and chillers are ideal for companies who need to quickly cool and store food before it reaches its end consumer. It’s common for some larger restaurants and catering companies to use them. For quick freezing and chilling applications, blast-freezers and blast-chillers are used where the temperature in the cold room drops to as low as -40C from the room temperature in a span of few hours. TCTI is a pioneer in the engineering, manufacture, supply and installation of these modules and are ideal for sudden freezing of medium-sized fish and chicken.