Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC)

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GRC Domes

Various types of domes have been used to enhance the looks of buildings in the Middle East. Domes are very typically an integral part of Mosques, Hotels, Hospitals and Government establishments.

GRC is ideal material for making domes because of its flexibility and durability. It’s fire resistant properties also gives GRC the advantage over other materials. GRC is lightweight in nature and hence its installation is quick and relatively easy.

Being flexible to work with GRC can be cast into any shape or size and can achieve any finish. Domes can be cast as either a single piece or in various segments and assembled at site depending on its size and application.

Domes are generally decorative in nature and can be used in external or internal applications.

GRC does not rust and is an environmentally friendly material to work with.

TCTI has worked on numerous projects involving installation of domes in various sizes. Some of the projects executed include the Garhoud Mosque and the Jama Mosque in Karama, Dubai.