Architectural Theming

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Artificial Trees

TCTI re-invents real looking trees while excluding the need for sunlight, soil and water. These no longer hold us to pursue the full aesthetic potential of trees. Our partner Sulandscape has brought the highest quality of Artificial trees to the market.

As specialists, we understand that nurturing and caring for real trees can be an overwhelming task. Hence, we have created artificial trees which are inspired by nature and made to withstand harsh and impossible living conditions for natural trees.

Our trees have passed International B1 fire-proof standard and in addition are also dust proof and UV resistant. We have a profession maintenance team to service and maintain our trees on request.

Re-production of Nature

Our trees are hand-carved and we reproduce all details that you will see in real trees like barks, scars, mildew stains and sometimes green mosses. Made with the finest quality of materials and safety measures, our trees are odourless, non-toxic and do not fade over time.

Highly Customized

Our trees are customized and can designed to suit the theme or the ambience around and work with different species, shapes and minute details of a tree. We not only re-produce trees but also create natural surroundings like waterfalls and rock works to create the maximum impact of true nature.