Corporate Profile


TCTI – established four decades ago – was one of the first of the Wafi Group companies to be set up. Spread across over 600,000 sq. ft., and located in the heart of Dubai – just a couple of kms from Burj Khalifa, TCTI boasts the finest production facilities in the Middle East. This is backed with well qualified and experienced personnel who never give up on their commitment to customers. Which underscores that customer satisfaction is at the core of TCTI leadership. An unwritten principle in the values and philosophy which forms the bedrock of the company’s mission.

TCTI is a part of the “WAFI Group,” which is owned by H E Sheikh Mana Bin Khalifa Al Maktoum, also owner of the unique and fabulous shopping and entertainment center at WAFI MALL –Dubai.

The latter comprises four LLCs, headquartered in and operating from Dubai. It is the rst of the many companies which make up MKM Commercial Holdings LLC, and was started in 1976. As Dubai grew, promising new businesses were added and the size of each operation was increased to meet demand. The group continues to grow, with new activities in Dubai, the GCC, and overseas being added each year. Today, the Wa Group manages a host of top class Manufacturing, Transportation, property/Mall/Hotels/Restaurants and service companies.

Within the ambience of a “value-driven” culture, Trade Circle Technical Industries – popularly known as TCTI – has developed a corporate philosophy which revolves around ‘values’ that underscore a ‘respect’ for people as ‘individuals’. This, in turn, fosters honesty, integrity, and open, caring communications. The TCTI work culture embraces a judicious mix of freedom and accountability. Where ideas are nurtured, calculated risks encouraged, personal, and professional skills

Today, TCTI has multiple divisions catering to a growing range of industries. In a number of these, it offers turnkey solutions from concept to commissioning. This is because the company has the latest machinery and equipment – including the state-of-the-art facility at heart of Dubai. All this is backed by a professional team of technical and operational experts who make certain that consistent quality goes into every product before it leaves the factory for delivery. And to ensure there are no loose ends, our production facilities and business systems have both ISO 9001-2008 certication, and are
approved by Lloyds Register.

Since 1976, TCTI has been serving the GCC/European/Mena, and African markets with custom-built, innovative products. Products with unrivalled quality that have given them an enduring reputation in business circles, and an evergrowing market share – both within the UAE and in overseas markets.