Pipe and Duct

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Pipe and Duct

Rigid Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Pipe Insulation

TCTI PIR-RIGID CLOSED CELL PREFORMED PIPE INSULATION, cut from factory produced blocks with a low K-Value of 0.023 W/m°C at 10°C, provides good structural properties and an excellent fire rating of Class 1, tested in accordance with BS 476 Part 7.

A section of double layer insulation for pipe work operating at minus temperatures.PIR is dimensionally stable over temperatures ranging from – 180°C to + 120°C.

PIR can be laminated with GRP which culminates in a wide variety of properties suitable for piping and duct insulation.

Efficiency is maintained for the life of a building due to closed cell construction of the insulation foam and appropriate vapour barriers preventing moisture penetration.

Pre-insulated pipes provide good mechanical properties and excellent long term performance.

Pre-insulated pipes are resistant to fungi and protect against rodents and pests.

Rigid PU or PIR foam injected between the inner pipe of galvanized steel, copper, PVC or GRP and the outer protective jacket of UPVC, GRP, or HDPE tube, are produced as per the customer’s specifications.

Rigid Polyurethane & Polyisocyanurate Duct Insulation Boards

Rectangular sections can be insulated with TCTI RIGID SLAB DUCT INSULATION, having a factory laminated vapour barrier of reinforced aluminium foil.

Plain slabs can also be supplied for use in many applications, such as insulation of vessels, tanks and equipment.

TCTI DUCT INSULATION is manufactured by pressure injection of chemicals into special jigs. The panels are laminated with reinforced aluminum foil and kraft paper, ensuring dimensional accuracy and stability. The panels have a minimum density of 35 kg per cubic meter.

However, any other density can be manufactured to meet the customer’s requirements.

Roof and Wall Insulation

Roof and wallboard are manufactured by pressure injection ensuring excellent bonding of selected facing materials.

PU or PIR boards with a low K-value of 0.023 W/m°C at 10°C have outstanding insulation properties which reduce energy costs.

PIR chemicals will not corrode steel pipes or galvanized ducting.